Get ready for M-Cat Sports Camp's 10th summer!

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Sports, Sports, Sports!

M-Cat Sports Camp is all about sports! Daily activities include: basketball, kickball, tennis baseball, water sports, mat ball, art (sports-themed, of course!), pillo pollo, capture the flag, speedball, soccer, hockey, football and more. We always end off the day with “M-Cat Madness,” where campers come together for a surprise sporting event that spans across all ages.


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Color War

What’s a summer without Color War?! A highlight for everyone, color war includes competitive sports, a relay race around Maimonides, competitions in song and the arts, and a whole lot of spirit!

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World Cup

Inspired by one of the largest sporting events in the world, we bring the country vs. country competition to the Maimo courtyard. With flags, anthems, and a soccer ball, campers and counselors get pumped for this major event.

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Slam Dunk Contest

A long-standing M-Cat tradition since our first summer of 2007, the slam dunk contests are crucial to ending off the week. Every Friday, we have a slam dunk contest that involves all who want to participate, whether in dunking, scoring, or both. Think you might be too short to dunk? No problem! We have an awesome team of counselors who come to use.

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We love art at M-Cat Sports Camp — especially sports-related art! Every week campers work on various art projects: from frames to door handles, and from tie-dye to duck tape art.

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Water Games

Our blow-up slide is the bright side to any hot summer day. With slip ‘n slides, one-story slides, and water guns, our water games block is filled with that H2O you need to cool off!

dodgeball tournament

Dodgeball Tournament

Intensified competition for everyone’s favorite sport! Teams of campers and counselors are announced and the games begin; dodgeball round robins with tons of cheering!


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Trips Galore

Every week, we have trip day where we venture out into Boston or the surrounding areas. Our weekly trips are always highly anticipated and a ton of fun! Past trips included: tour of Fenway, Canobie Lake Park, Patriots Hall, strawberry picking, Brockton Rox game and more!


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